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Number of malwares are frequently being launched by the cyber criminals, which may affect several windows PC severely. To protect your computer we are suggesting you to install automatic removal tool on your PC. This is the best tool which will not only remove the infection but also protect your PC from other viruses. This tool ensures full security of your computer and thereby make cyber criminal and hacker unable to grab your confidential information. You can install this tool going through the few simple steps. This is quite simple and does not cost more time. Here we mentioning the steps which you need to follow:

1. In the very first step the only thing you need to do is to install the automatic removal tool. It will be installed within few minutes. Now click on the “Scan Computer” button, so that the tool can check for the malwares in the hard disk.


2. After enabling the tool, it goes through the hard disk and check out for the malwares, and displays them as thumbnails on your screen.


3. It have a significant feature commonly known “Spyware Help Desk” by which you can get detailed information about the viruses and other malicious components found in your PC.


4. The another feature of this tool is “System Guard”, you can use it to provide full protection to your computer. It make PC protected from further attacks