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How To Remove Traff2.ru From Infected Chrome

Traff2.ru is a very dangerous computer infection which directly targets the browser applications installed on the affected system. This vicious virus falls in the category of browser hijacker. This hijacker changes the basic behavior of the web browser. It alters the home page and new tab page. Design and functionality of new tab page is also very much changed. Traff2.ru also alters the default and original search engine from the browser application. This completely alters the experience of net surfing on the infected browser. The browser hijacker automatically redirects a user to irrelevant sites in the middle of the browsing session. Some of these sites can also be malicious and they can make the computer sick.


Traff2.ru is a vicious computer virus which also causes the system to reboot very often. It can reboot the system in the middle of your important work. The purpose of developing such a malicious virus is to generate revenue for the developers through carrying out malicious activities on the infected computer. These crooks also makes money by various different methods. Traff2.ru silently works in the background and use network resources to drive traffic on their sponsored sites using the infected PCs. This vicious browser hijacker also blocks the user of the infected computer to visit any legitimate websites. It wants the user to visit more and more of their sponsored and malicious websites.

Traff2.ru alters the search results that are displayed while using the internet as it changes the search engine with a malicious one. The results that are displayed contains links to sites which are irrelevant for the user. These sites have nothing to do with the user’s requirement. They often try to mislead the user. Many of the sites are listed in the search results pages simply because they have made a payment to the malicious search engine for the listing. Other sites are part of various programs which make money for the cyber crooks who developed this virus. Some sites are part of the traffic programs. They pay the crooks to redirect traffic on their sites. We suggest you to remove Traff2.ru from the system as soon as possible.

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